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From Colorado Springs - about 2.5 hours

  1. You will take US-24 West (Cimarron Street) for 65 miles.
  2. Just after the town of Hartsel, turn right onto Hwy 9 North-bound and drive 16 miles to Fairplay.
  3. Turn right on Hwy 9/US-285 for 1 mile.
  4. At the first stop-light, turn left onto Hwy 9 North again.  Take it slow through Fairplay and Alma to avoid a ticket.
  5. Follow Hwy 9 up over Hoosier Pass and down into Breckenridge, 23 miles. Use the directions from Breckenridge at this time.

From Denver - about 2 hours

  1. Take I-70 West for about 60 miles until you reach exit 203 for Frisco/Breckenridge.
  2. Go around the circle at the exit and head South on Hwy 9. After you pass Main Street follow the directions from Frisco.

From Vail - about 1 hour

  1. Take I-70 East for about 27 miles, past Copper Mountain, until exit 201 for Frisco.
  2. Turn right onto Main Street, go about 1 mile and follow the directions for Frisco from here.

From Keystone - about 45 minutes (*see alternate route during heavy snow)

  1. Take Hwy 6 North for about 1.5 miles until you get to the stop light at Swan Mountain Road.
  2. Turn left onto Swan Mountain Road. Enjoy the views out over Dillon Reservoir for the next 5 miles.
  3. At Hwy 9 turn left towards Breckenridge. Drive approximately 2 miles until the Tiger Road stop light.
  4. Turn left on Tiger Road / Shores Lane and continue on for about 6.5 miles until you arrive in our parking lot.

* During snowy conditions Swan Mountain Road may be closed. If so, head North-West on Hwy 6 to I-70 in Silverthorne. Take I-70 West to the first Frisco exit and follow the directions to Good Times from Frisco shown above. Allow for an hour or more travel time to get to us from Keystone during heavy snow.

From Frisco - about 35 minutes

  1. Head South on Hwy 9 (Summit Blvd) towards Breckenridge. Drive about 6 miles until you get to the stop-light at Tiger Road / Shores Lane.
  2. At Tiger Road / Shores Lane, turn left and continue on for 6.5 miles until the road dead-ends in our parking lot. Don’t second-guess yourself on Tiger Road, just keep going until you get to us!

From Breckenridge - about 25 minutes

  1. From downtown, head North on Hwy 9 (Main Street) approximately 2.5 miles until you get to the stop-light at Tiger Road / Shores Lane.
  2. At Tiger Road, turn right and enjoy the scenery for about 6.5 miles until the road dead-ends in our parking lot. You can’t miss us!

Off the beaten path, but very easy to find....

The Good Times facilities are nestled up against the White River National Forest at the end of Tiger Road. And while our location is definitely “out there”, that’s exactly what makes it perfect for what we do! Follow these simple directions and you will have no problems getting to us safely and on time. The driving times given are for good weather and light traffic - please take conditions into account in order to reach our lodge on time, especially when coming from Denver and Colorado Springs.

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